Becoming a Member

When you’re ready to commit to improving your speaking, you can become a member!

What You Get

Becoming a member of Toastmasters has a number of benefits. Not only will you be a member of our club, but you’ll be a member of Toastmasters International, one of the premiere speaking and leadership clubs in the world. Membership includes:

  • The Pathways Education Program¬†– The Toastmasters education system, this will guide you on your path to develop your communication and leadership skills
  • Mentorship – Our more experienced club members will provide you with the advice and encouragement to help you meet your goals
  • Toastmaters Magazine – Every membership comes with a subscription to the Toastmasters magazine

What It Costs

Membership dues are based on a few different things, and depends on whether you’re a first time member. Here’s a breakdown:

DescriptionNew MembersReturning Members
6-Month Membership$60$60
Sign-up Fee (TI)$25-
Sign-up Fee (Club)$15-

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